3 DOORS OF HORRORS 鬼節:三重門 2013

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Horror | Drama | Comedy Language: Mandarin Duration: 45 min Camera: Canon 5D / Black Magic Cinema 2013 An omnibus of horror short films by 3 directors made for the Chinese hungry ghost festival. I MISS U 2 by Leroy Low A 30 years old, single man couldn't forget the two girls that he only met once when he was in high school. The three of them then experienced a supernatural phenomenon in a classroom that could not be explained. FLOATING SUN by Edmund Yeo Fiona Lim, is writing a true story of a teenage girl who drowned in a river many years ago. Gradually, a chain of strange events begins to happen to her and her young daughter. Fiona starts seeing the drowned corpse and her world becomes increasingly nightmarish and surreal. PHOTO GALLERY HORROR MISSION by Ng Ken Kin A film crew is shooting a horror film in the suburb when suddenly the actress playing the ghost is possessed by a spirit. A Production Manager and an intern are assigned to send the actress back to the city for help. Along the journey the possessed actress suddenly begins to behave creepily. PHOTO GALLERY Cast Nick Chung Wong Jen Khai Emily Lim Daphne Low Candy Lee Charlene Meng Amelia Chen Azman Hassan Executive Producer/Producer James Lee Associate Producer Lee June Jye Director of Photography Patrick Yap Malek Hue Lesley Lee Leon FX Make Up Kit Hew

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