3 Doors of Horrors 2013

3 Doors of Horrors is a tent pole event anthology of short films produced by me. It has been a while for me to take on the role of an executive producer and producer. In collaboration with three award winning filmmakers, Leroy Low, Edmund Yeo and Ng Ken Kin.

It's also produced in conjunction with the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival month. All the three shorts will explore ghosts and supernatural encounters. This is also the first time all the three directors have done horror.

And other than the directors we have an ensemble of cast from the local industry, actors, theatre actors, singer and even YouTubers.

This anthology of three shorts will be release on YouTube on the Sat 17th August 2013 (8pm Malaysia time).

This will be the first installment of the 3 Doors of Horrors series, we will be definitely producing more original short films and contents.
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