3 Doors of Horrors 2014: Directors

Our second installment of the 3 Doors of Horrors for 2014, as usual 3 directors with 3 horror stories. This year we have Leroy Low from True Legend Pictures who also did the 2013 I MISS YOU TWO. This year he brings you TURNOVER a one location set piece in a basketball courtyard, starring Joseph Germani.

Next up we have Sidney Chan of TheGRIMFILM presenting a remake of his college short film, DELETE an all out homage to J-Horror with four college girls disappearing after finding a compact camera.

And lastly, we have Black Cat of Popcorn Entertainment with THE STRANGE MECHANIC about a car repairman who can see the undead cause by automobiles accidents.
A lot of people who had supported the project, we'll be talking about them in our next posting. And now we'll be hunting for 3 directors for 2015.

In the meantime 2014 3 Doors of Horrors is now playing on YouTube, so head over there and watch all 3 horror short films.

Watch 3 Doors of Horrors 2014
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