Updated: Apr 12

Production: WebTV Asia

Singer: Priscilla Abby

Directed by: James Lee

Duration: 4:30 min Camera: Red Dragon


Priscilla Abby plays a girl who suddenly discover her hidden superpowers, her boyfriend hurriedly brings her away from the mysterious building to escape a group of masked men led by a sinister scientist hot of their trail. Eventually the girl and the boy are surrounded by the mysterious men, the girl have no other choice but to uses her power.

Director's Notes Narrative storytelling in music videos is not a new format in Malaysia, but the genre of the story is limited due to either the theme of the song. When I heard Burn, it sounds like a song for a superhero movie, so hence we went to that direction and looking to movies like Firestarter (1984) by Mark Lester and Midnight Special (2016) by Jeff Nichols for inspirations and references. 


Priscilla Abby

Pete Teo

Haoren Choo

Director of Photography

Helmi Yusof

Executive Producer

Fred Chong

Producer Penny Lee

Editor Addy Ho

Colorist Iceberg Design

CGI FX Fly Studio

Art Direction Lai Kok Wei Jamie Chua

Image & Styling Elaine Ng

Make Up Jonathan Ho

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