Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Experimental | Dance | Drama Language: None Directed by: James Lee Shooting format: MiniDV Duration: 16 mins 2004 Between a man and his lover lies a wall, between the man and the country he loves lies another wall. Can a one-sided dialogue breaks the walls and expresses the man’s feelings and sentiments? Or does the lover or the country wants the wall to be broken in the first place? This short was inspired by Amy Len’s dance choreography “Wall” and collaborated with Loh Bok Lai. The dance was originally choreographed for a performance in Japan Dance Wave Fukuoka ‘06 - Asian Contemporary Dance Now and later made into an experimental video combining elements of an actor and monologue. The video footages were also used for the dance piece itself in KL. PHOTO GALLERY Cast Amy Len Loh Bok Lai Text by Loh Bok Lai James Lee Director of Photography J. Ishmael Dance Choreographer Amy Len

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