A Fear of Intimacy

Directed by: James Lee

Choreographer: Tan Bee Hung

Duration: 6:37 min Camera: Sony A7S

24 March 2019

This is the second dance video in the series Dance, Dance, Dance where we collaborate and produce dance videos with choreographers and dancers. The series will explore the process of choreographing and filming a dance in non-traditional performing spaces like dance halls or theater space. 

Director's Notes The work was inspired by Max Richter's moving and haunting On The Nature of Daylight.

Filming and directing dance is a completely different craft altogether, it's something I've always have an interest but not adept. Hence the videos from the past are mostly shot in one long take and usually on a tripod for its stage quality, trying not to interrupt the performers as so the audiences watching the dance video will be able to enjoy the choreography with minimal interruptions.

The choreography for A Fear of Intimacy are designed and directed for the camera. Keeping the camera as close as possible to the dancer, allowing the camera to be much more intimate, the camera is no longer just an audience or observer. it's a duet between human and tool.

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