A New Ballgame

KUMAN PICTURES is a new production house, having just been established early this month.

Despite not having released any films as yet, Kuman has already made history as the first production house to agree to share box-office profits with everyone who works on its films – from the cast to the crew.

“It is only fair that we pay ‘royalties’, and we want them to feel a part of something that they have created,” said Amir Muhammad, the managing director for Kuman Pictures, at a recent press event.

Amir, who also runs the publishing house Fixi, is following the same model used by publishers to pay royalties to their authors.

For someone who even pays royalties to his book cover designers, he doesn't see why paying ‘royalties’ to the cast and crew cannot be implemented by other film production houses.

Amir said: “If their excuse is that it is difficult to pay royalty to their cast and crew, then, we can teach them. There is a certain accounting software that is not difficult to use.”

The idea to start a film production house came about after Amir read well-known American B-movie director Roger Corman’s memoir How I Made a Hundred Movies in Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime.

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