A Tale Of… – Two Sisters

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Not a review of the Korean film, Adi Iskandar finds that James Lee’s ‘Two Sisters’ latest effort hits all the right spots all the same.

He may not have been as present in the public view more recently as a filmmaker, but don’t let that fool you: James Lee have been keeping himself busy in a number of different ways. He’s been pushing envelopes with the development of his YouTube channel, for instance. It’s not a common approach for many established filmmakers to make (usually it is a step taken by those newer to the industry), but it nevertheless remains pleasant to see him step back into the mainstream cinematic spotlight with the release of this feature effort.

‘Two Sisters’ tells the story of Mei Xi (Emily Lim) and Mei Yue (Lim Mei Fen), two adult siblings. They appear to be somewhat estranged from each other, not helped by Mei Yue being committed to a psychiatric hospital. Mei Xi is looking to sell their family house, but as willed by their late father (Mike Chuah), it can only be done with the agreement of both sisters. In discharging Mei Yue from the hospital, and bringing her back to that same big house, Mei Xi appears to have little more than capitalistic endeavours on her mind. However, Mei Yue seems to be uncovering more of the past than is bargained for, leading to all sorts of questions and mysteries for the two sisters.

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