Ah Beng Returns 阿炳重現

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Experimental | Drama

Directed by James Lee

Language: Chinese

Duration: 90 min

Camera: Panasonic NV-DX1102001

An experimental feature that is deliberately “artsy” and takes a highly-stylized anti-narrative, plotless approach to the gangster genre. A group of tight knitted gangster are suddenly confront by a supposely killed member Ah Beng who has return. Now they begins to questions their motives in life, the disillusionment, betrayal and finally they might realizes the absence of love. “It’s easier to kill then to love” is a phrase to sums up the sentiments of the film’s characters. Notes

Ah Beng Returns has no script but just a structure and idea on paper. Loosely based on my previous short “Ah Yu’s Story” (1998), “Ah Beng Returns” is the full length and experimental version of “Ah Yu’s Story”. Highly stylized and absurd, as the scenes and whole movie are filmed thru improvisation, discussions and rehearsals with the casts. “Ah Beng Returns” is now a piece of movie that is purely anti-cinema due to approach and concept. Treated like if it’s a stage play (where the stage is the space and props changes), shot mostly in a living room only with minimal changes. The whole process was inspired by the style in “Sunflowers” (2000), an experimental improvisational short. At the same time the work also made with an intention to deconstruct the term “cinema”. The whole movie was shot without artificial lights and a Mini DV camera.


Loh Bok Lai Tan Eng Heng Amy Len Lee Swee Keong Gan Hui Yee Kiew Suet Kim Lee Yoke Mun Ee Chee Wei James Lee Director of Photography Johnny Kok Script James Lee Loh Bok Lai Producer Sylvia Tan Executive Producer Vernon Adrian Emuang Editor J. Ishmael
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