Best Malaysian Shorts Ever

I have been going to Malaysian Shorts — on and off — for nearly 12 years now. The programme last week at Black Box, Publika was probably the best in two decades. There were four short films and all of them were very strong and are or will be soon doing the international film festival circuit.

The show nearly didn't happen and the public almost missed out on these shorts because a week prior, Malaysian Shorts was asked to stop showing the films before the first film even finished.

The week before, the Malaysian Shorts’ programme was supposed to be screened at Content Malaysia Pitching Centre, at Platinum Sentral. There was a last minute notification of regulations concerning censorship issues, so the screening had to be stopped. This was a massive disappointment to filmgoers, with a number coming from Nilai and Penang specifically for Malaysian Shorts.

So the organisers found a new venue for Malaysian Shorts. Pesta Kechill Rantai, a three-day festival in Publika provided an even bigger audience — estimated at over 200 people.

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