Delete 删除

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Horror | Mystery

Directed by Sidney Chan

Language: Mandarin

Duration: 14 min Camera: SONY FS100 2014 Four girls break into an abandoned bathroom at their University one night as part of their class assignment on urban legends. The story goes as saying that a young woman disappeared there. The girls discover a pink digital camera and one of them decides to take it home for further analysis. Strange things begin to happen; a phone calls from a mysterious voice under heavy static urging them to “delete”. ►PHOTO GALLERY Cast Koe Yeet Louis Chen Kylie Chong Alicia Tan Amanda Chong Azman Hassan DOP Khai M Bahar SFX Make-up Kit Hew Producer TK Cheng Executive Producer James Lee Colorist Khai M Bahar Music & Sound Design Nick Davis (Valtari Music) Poster Design Willeon Leong
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