Directed by: James Lee

Choreographer: Tan Bee Hung

Duration: 3:30 min Camera: Sony A7S + Atomos Shogun

2 October 2017


This is the first dance video in the series Dance, Dance, Dance where we collaborate and produce dance videos with choreographers and dancers. The series will explore the process of choreographing and filming a dance in non-traditional performing spaces like dance halls or theater space. 

Director's Notes The video was inspired by Kanye West FAMOUS, for first time listener or audiences not familiar with his work this song would sound offensive and rude. But for me , it's the artist way of expressing his love-hate relationship with someone he'll never be able to attain even with his fame and fortune. The track itself was soothe by the female famous "Bam Bam" vocal performed by Rihanna which is the best part of the song.

So how do one choreographed a dance video with this song. The approach is to get the dancer to react to the song and eventually to react to certain part of the lyrics. At the same time the dancer needs to have her own attitude in respond to the song and finally she must own the song as if it's hers or if the song is for her only. And the dance video is our interpretation of the song.

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