FIRST LOOK: Meet The Kung Fu Killers In James Lee's KILL-FIST

EXCLUSIVE: Independent filmmaker James Lee is well on the way with the new martial arts redemption thriller, Kill-Fist. Hailing a reunion for the director and his lead actor, Singaporean action favorite, recurring Code Of Law star Sunny Pang, the film further etches a mutual creative partnership for the two who've known each other for more than a decade in cinema."It was fun and great to work with him again after The Collector and Call If You Need Me." says Lee who cites that as both were different films that served the purpose Kill-Fist aims to do once more in challenging Pang as an actor. "Indeed he had to do some preparations for the character tragic Zhang. Kill-Fist is kind of a refresher for both of us, we hope we can move to bigger projects after this."

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