Floating Sun in IFFR 2014

FLOATING SUN by Edmund Yeo part of the omnibus 3 DOORS OF HORRORS European Premiere in International Film Festival Rotterdam 2014 in the FLOATING STORIES programme. So if anyone is around in the fest don't forget to catch this director's cut of the short. IFFR 2014 FLOATING SUN.

The short was also in competition last year in the 1st SalaMindanaw International Film Festival 2013 in the Asian Shorts in Competition.

And here's a review from Malay Mail on Floating Sun:
Yeo’s “Floating Sun” on the other hand is more nuanced, departing from formulaic horror and haunts you not with cheap scares but questions. Who is the mysterious girl floating in the water? What secrets from the past are haunting Fiona? These questions linger long enough that viewers are likely to rewatch the film on YouTube just to find the answers. Daphne Low and Emily Lim as the teenage and adult selves of the main protagonist, Fiona, acquit themselves well, lending the necessary gravitas to Yeo’s script without descending into melodrama.

Read more at: Malay Mail

And a review from Nishikata Film Review:
This tree was truly a great find for the film for its numerous roots are not only poetically beautiful, but add symbolic weight to the film: the roots behind the events in this vignette are many, but Edmund Yeo leaves us only a few tantalizing clues and leaves it to our imaginations to fill in the blanks. It’s an atmospheric and suspenseful tale that leaves us wanting to know more about these characters.

Read full review: Nikishikata Film Review
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