Freedom 自由

Directed by: James Lee

Choreographer: Tan Bee Hung

Duration: 3 min Camera: Sony A6400

26 October 2020

This dance video tilted "Freedom" is part of MERENTAS AWAN project produced by Kwang Tung Dance Company.

The project consists of artists, musicians, writers, dancers and filmmakers to produce a work throughout July to December 2020.

Director's Notes In this second installment of the series, the group of creators explores the idea of freedom again related with the experiences of being in the movement control order during the pandemic.

As the humans are confined in their homes, what about the animals? Using the point of view of animals, the dancer created a movement based on the text which involves an elephant thinking itself as a jellyfish.

To compliment the soft, gentle and yet mysterious movement - I try to have the dancer perform the piece under a white large cloth to represent the environment the elephant or maybe the jellyfish is being trapped imagining itself being free.

Due to the heavy eastern influence in the music and minimal keys at the end, I explore having the text being narrated in French to avoid making the video being too haunting.

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