Heartbeat 心動

Directed by Adrian Lai

Language: Mandarin

Duration: 22 min Camera: Oneplus 3T 2017


The Smartphone Films Series 4 In the realm of medical purgatory, where the mind roams free as the body is being repaired, two patients form an unusual bond. Between science and spirituality, consciousness and dream, the blossoming relationship leads one to think about the purpose of life, and another, the utter meaninglessness of it.

Director's Note

“Heartbeat” is Adrian’s first dramatic short story and Chinese language film. It was inspired by Rachmaninoff’s Prelude No.4 in D Major Op.23.

About the Director

Adrian Lai is a professional filmmaker and story coach. He believes everybody should pick up filmmaking with their smartphones, and those who scoff at idea should continue selling their kidneys and complain more on Facebook. But if you like the idea, please write to him at connecteers@gmail.com and find out where to start.


May June

Ngai Tung

Joey Chua

Director of Photography

Adrian Lai

Producer Kenny Gan

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