I'm Just a Ghost, and that's OK

Updated: Sep 3

Romance| Drama

Directed by James Lee

Language: English

Duration: 30 min

Black and White

Camera: Sony A6400 2020

A musician decides to goes off the grid after the sudden passing of his girlfriend. He moves into a vacant house and plans to take his own life until a ghost interferes.

Director's Statement

Since watching David Lowery's A Ghost Story (2017), I was totally amazed by the film, story, the music and of all the screen ratio. And my short film itself is inspired by he movie and also a good exercise to film and block for the 4:3 ratio.

And the short film was also shot with no full finished script, so a couple of scenes were improvised, sometimes on location. Shot over 3 days on Sony A6400 with mainly an 7Artisans 12mm and a Sony 35mm.

And as for the title it's also a reference to Park Chan Wook's I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK (2006).


Koe Yeet

Nick Davis

Music Score Nick Davis

Song "It's Not Your Fault" The Lost and Found Workshop

Performed by Ruben Vangare

Audio Recording Ng Ken Kin

Assistant Director TK Cheng

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