Isolation 隔离

Directed by: James Lee

Choreographer: Foong Siew Ching

Duration: 4 min Camera: Sony A6400

27 July 2020


This dance video tilted "Isolation" is part of MERENTAS AWAN project produced by Kwang Tung Dance Company.

The project consists of artists, musicians, writers, dancers and filmmakers to produce a work throughout July to December 2020.

Director's Notes The film was inspired by the quarantine and isolation measures experienced by the musician, from there we created little stories to form the basic concept of the dance film. The second stage was the music composed by Chor Guan and initial movement from the dancer choreographer Foong Siew Ching, with a script by Tytee. As the director I tried to merge the materials and produce the film. The first visual concept was to present the film in the 4:3 format to convey the claustrophobic feeling of being trapped in a small quarantine room.

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