KL24: Zombies Movie Project

Finally we have our first feature length movie after 4 years when we moved online to create and produce short films. Reason is, it's not easy to produce a 90 minute feature, these days. It's not only because of financial reasons but also distribution challenges. 

Yes we can try to make a good film with whatever resource we've got, DIY and guerrilla style. But it's finding money to promote and advertise it that we usually suffers. 

But with KL24: Zombies it's a different story, it's part of a brand new crowd backing project. Where users and fans has to support us by downloading the app and pledge us. And if we get the targeted number of supporters, the funds will be release to us to make the film.

In a way the project is funded by Webe Community, but we need you to help us unlock it by backing us on our project page. And the best part, the movie will be release online for free. 

The movie will comprise of three separate stories told within one day of a zombie outbreak in Kuala Lumpur. The directors are namely James Lee, Gavin Yap and Shamaine Othman.

So support and follow us on Facebook or our project page to stay updated on the progress of our project. You can watch the campaign video clip of our team here; Doghouse 73 Television.

Support our project KL24: ZOMBIES

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