KL24: Zombies: The Crowd-funded Carnage Movie Malaysians Don't Need, But Deserve

There’s a soft spot I hold for indie-films, especially the ones that have to work with a limited budget. Some of them are misses, but the ones that hit the mark truly shine like Juno or Boyhood.

Making an indie film is the fiery crucible of what marks a true visionary. Strip away the Disney-sized blank cheques and meandering market forces, and we will see how well one fairs under pressure. Improvisation and creativity are essential if one wishes to survive long and well in this industry.

Independent filmmaker James Lee has thrown his hat in the ring, or art circle, with his latest film project, KL24: Zombies. Continuing the proud tradition of crowdfunding, he raised over RM200,000 for his most recent endeavor.

Joining him on the director’s chair and also co-writing the story lines are Gavin Yap and Shamaine Othman..

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