Kuman Pictures Launches Two Sisters

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Kuman Pictures a new production company founded by Amir Muhammad finally officially launched on the 20 Sept 2018 with a press conference. Kuman Pictures focuses only in low-budget horror/thriller which is inspired by U.S. Blumhouse Productions.

At the conference Kuman Pictures announces its slate of films for 2019 with Two Sisters starring Emily Lim and Lim Mei Fen. It's a collaboration with Doghouse 73 Pictures, written and directed by James Lee which was filmed in July for 13 days lens by Tan Teck Zee on a Panasonic EVA-1. The movie is now in post production with AddAudio and music scoring by Nick Davis. The movie is slated for release in March 2019.

The second film in the line up 'Roh (Spirit)' by Emir Ezwan and the third film 'Ghost Hotel' by MS Prem Math. All three horror films will target for release in 2019.

Kuman Pictures will also be the first-ever production company in Malaysia to offer royalties to everyone involved in the films.

Kuman Pictures also set a list of quirky and out-of-the box manifesto, which you can read it here Kuman Pictures: A Manifesto.

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