Last Year in Johor 去年在柔佛州

Romance | Drama

Directed by James Lee

Language: Mandarin / English

Duration: 12 min Camera: Sony A7S 2018

An experimental travelogue film that follows K a traveler and his encounter with the girl that he met last year, except, she claims she's not her. In order to find out the truth K and the girl set out on another trip to the places that they've supposed to went last year or did they?

Director's Statement

We set out on a 7 days shoot with a concept and idea from Alain Resnais Last Year in Marienbad (1961). The sort was filmed with no script and scenes being improvised with actors. It was an experiment and exercise at the same time for me, since I rarely filmed without a script, the challenge was then putting the finish film together, and try to make sense out of it. It was also my first work to purposely used camera movement and mobility to drive the visuals.


Marianne Lee

Jackson Yew

Narrator / Narration Script

Kenny Gan

Executive Producer

James Lee

Producer Kenny Gan

Director of Photography

Tan Teck Zee

Make Up & Styling Kit Hew

Music Composer Teo Wey Yinn

Editor Roman Ho


Dorae Lau

Production Manager & Location Manager

Kym Tan

Audio & Technical Assistant


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