Lips to Lips after 18 years

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Lips to Lips first ever public screening after 18 years, with a digitally restored version by Kino-i Pictures. It was Malaysia first independently produced digital film directed by Amir Muhammad in 2001; the era where DV technology entered the market and revolutionizing the entire film-making industry worldwide.

The movie was presented in over 20 festivals around the world, paving the festival route and generating interest for the new upcoming Malaysian independent films.

Definitely there was a lot of cringe worthy moments watching it today, especially since it was my first acting role in a feature length movie.

It was also an honored to act alongside Patrick Teoh. I have entirely forgotten how his character died until the scene when he's eating Papa-dam, and how my character had to buried him next to a roadside. The audience laughs, I remember back then the audience also laughs at this scene, because it was so ridiculous to immediately bury a dead man by the roadside. The movie was that naive and silly.

As the movie plays on, It felt like I'm watching a home video made by friends, bringing back all the memories from that time. I laughed here and there not because the scenes was funny (Okay, some are still funny), but to see friends having fun acting ( I hope they do back then), with their youthful energy and care-free attitude. It was a movie we had fun making.

Lips to Lips is a testament that film-making is the best art form to tell stories from the best of our times.

Let's watch it again in another decade, maybe we'll appreciate it more, cringe more and it'll be funnier.

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