Love to the End 爱情万岁

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Love | Drama

Directed by James Lee

Language: Mandarin

Duration: 20 min Camera: Sony A7S 2017

The story follows two high school best friends, Sam and Cassie nearing the end of the term. Cassie admires a school mate John. And when John enters Cassie's life, the girls relationship takes an unexpected turn.

Director's Statement

It has been a while since I have filmed a short film without much restrictions. Over the past four years I have re-learn film making via making short films and branded content, where there are limitations in terms of duration, stories, subject matter and hitting the marks. My last work which I considered personal was the feature length work "If It's Not Not, Then When?", where I tell the story as I wish and now Love to the End will be something close to that and at the same time a little homage to Tsai Ming Liang's "Vive L'Amour" (1994). And at the same time working with new actors for the first time. It was during rehearsal with the two girls that we managed to built the story, give life to the characters and to built trust.


Sam Cheau

Cassandra Lew

Jackson Yew

Director of Photography

Tan Teck Zee

Music Scoring

Androine T.

Producer Kenny Gan

Make Up Joey Chua Kit Hew

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