Overtime 加班

Action Directed by James Lee

Language: Cantonese

Duration: 4 min Camera: Oneplus 3T 2017

The Smartphone Films Series 1 Ben Chan plays a man assigned to retrieve a briefcase with some money in a car-park in order to relieve some of his debt. He'll soon discover that it won't be a simple task.

Director's Notes The last action short film I've directed was Second Life ((2014) and personally I always wanted to make more action films but they're not easy as they take up a lot time to make compared to dramas. But with this series which is to test and explore film-making with the smartphone I decided to up the challenge by making an action short film.



Ben Chan

Lau Chee Hong

James Lee

Fight Choreographer

Lau Chee Hong (Low Angle Production)

Director of Photography

James Lee Adrian Lai

Music Design

James Lee

Producer Kenny Gan

Editor & Colorist J. Ishmael

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