Overtime 2 加班2

Action Directed by James Lee

Duration: 3:47 min Camera: Sony A6000 2019

Overtime is a series of martial arts action short film series, featuring actors playing the protagonist fighting opponents in series of fights. This installment stars Michael Chin, a Wushu expert taking on two weapons wielding opponents.

Director's Notes Overtime is a series dedicated to martial arts focus action short films, with choreography by Lau Chee Hong - the series explores fight sequences with different actors and stunt performers, experimenting with fight designs and editing.


Michael Chin

Pui Fook Chien

Lau Chee Hong

Fight Choreographer

Lau Chee Hong (Low Angle Production)

Director of Photography

James Lee

Sound Design

Lau Chee Hong

Editor & Colorist James Lee

Music Design

James Lee

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