Paper Crane Love Notes

This is my first shoot in 2013, after working in commercial films & TV productions for the past few years, finally filming with a minimal team, was a good experience and re-learning process for me as a filmmaker.

We just rented the necessity tools, we don't even have a monitor on set. But that's thanks to the fact I have a good DP and also I'm used to shoot on 35mm where a lot of times in the past, you don't really get what you see. It's all instinct and experiences that come in play.

Shot the short within 2 days on a 5D MKII, other than Teck Zee (DP) and actors, most of the team were kinda new in terms of working together or had not work together for quite sometime. But the vibes were good, it was a refreshing course for me. It was back to the days of indies, but with better and advance cameras. With DIY color-grading at home, the process of film making is becoming so simple, and affordable. But still the challenging part is story telling.

Paper Crane Love is the first new in a series of short films which I'm going to direct this year. All the shorts will be about love, but from a different perspective and interpretation. These series of short films are inspired and sort of like a continuation of Sometime Love is Beautiful. Instead of trying to explore the subject matter and theme in one feature length movie, I chose a series of shorts with brand new characters in each situations and scenarios, which I believe it'll be a more interesting exploration of the theme then confining in one world.

Especially with love, it can't be a single story... So I hope you all will enjoy this short film and see that loves exists from all parties and the things that lovers are willing to do for each other in order to survive.

Check out the photos here PAPER CRANE LOVE Behind the Scenes
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