Reunion Gift 团圆饭

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Family | Drama

Client: Yomeishu Studio: Viddsee Agency: Dentsu Singapore

Directed by James Lee

Language: Mandarin

Duration: 6.40 min Camera: Sony A7SII 2018


The Reunion Dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year is an most important occasion for the family to reunion. But for this single mother and daughter it's a very different story. As the daughter grows up, eventually married and realizes she may not be able to have Reunion Dinner with her mother.

Director's Statement

The short film explores the role of a woman in her family and how it changes when she marries to the man. And more clearly define in the where a woman will only have reunion dinner with her husband's parents, something we take it for granted and treat it as a norm. In order to portray the changes, we create a story about a single mother and her daughter. And using a few scenes to show the key points of their life which set on the reunion dinner backdrop to develop the relationship of the mother and daughter. Music was also kept minimal to allow the performances of the actors to shine but enough to dramatize scenes when characters are not speaking. Referencing one of my favorite Taiwanese filmmaker Edward Yang works "Yi Yi", for it's realist cinema, we try to underplay the emotions and hopefully be able to deliver the message.


Joyce Harn

Chong Seah Mei

Hazel Xin Yi Freeman Chin

Jacky Leung

Kris Lim


James Lee

Executive Producer

Kenny Tan

Producer Kenny Gan

Director of Photography

Nicholas Chin

Make Up & Styling Hong Ya Ni

Music Composer Teo Wey Yinn

Editor / Colorist Roman Ho

Assistant Director


Production Manager & Location Manager

Kym Tan

Art Director

Kok Wei Lai

Assistant Art Director

Jamie Chua

Art Assistant

Flint Koay, Darren Chew


Wong Sook Yoke

Audio Recordist Ng Ken Kin


Farhan Aiman

Assistant Camera

Timothy yeoh, Hazeem Hafzan

Technical Assistant

Skaiste Kazragyte

Production assistant

JZ Ong

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