Room to Let 有房出租

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Drama | Love

Language: Mandarin | Cantonese Directed by: James Lee Duration: 108 min Camera: Panasonic NV-DX110 2002 Berg arrives in Kuala Lumpur and by chance meets Andrew. Andrew offers to share his bed in a rented room in an old bungalow. Berg stays and befriends the other occupants of the bungalow. An artist occupant is missing and as Berg explores this mystery, we learn how the other occupants cope and reason with what had happened. Director's statement Room to Let is a lingering study of the strangely humdrum existence of a group of listless youths who share an innercity house. The tight confines of the house cause frequent intrusions of privacy and intimate encounters, but the static mood of the film hints at a kind of entropy, a sort of emotional detachment which the characters also share. Yet the beautifully shot sequences portray the film’s aloofness and give it unexpected lushness. The movie offer up a twisted tale of longing, lost love and lust. PHOTO GALLERY Review VARIETY: ROOM TO LET

Cast Berg Lee Kiew Suet Kim Andrew Low Ling Tan Chong Sheon Wei Koh Choon Eiow Bernard Chauly Amy Len Loh Bok Lai Gan Hui Yee Tay Chin Fie Loh Kok Mun Goh You Ping Story & screenplay James Lee Producer Rogayah Shahariman DOP J. Ishmael Music Jerome Kugan Editor Johnny Kok Executive Producer Sylvia Tan Still Photographer Danny Lim

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