See You Next Century 下世纪再见

Sci-Fi| Drama

Directed by James Lee

Language: Mandarin

Duration: 7:35 min

Black and White

Camera: Nikon D50 2019


In this homage to Chris Marker's La Jetée (1962) sci-fi time travelling short film involves a woman novelist being visited by a scientist from he future, claiming to be her husband.

Director's Statement

The short film was shot in 2008 in my first ever attempt to make a film using only stills inspired by 1962 La Jetée by Chris Marker. La Jetée itself is a classic and always stuck in my mind after watching it for the first on a DVD.

The story deals with the concept of time travel as another reality generated by the memories of the subject. But can a person from the past travel to the future when he/she had no memories formed yet.

The stills was taken on a Nikon D50 my first ever DSLR with Nikkor lenses. The reason it took so long for it to complete is finding time to write the script for the narrator. Even though prior to the filming I have a rough structure for the scenes I've shot more than 600 stills.

Deciding whether to narrate the story via the man or woman and to decide if it's a first person or third person narrator took sometime as it changes the dynamic of the story.


Chua Thien See

Loh Bok Lai

Narrator Lim Mei Fen


James Lee

Still Photography

James Lee

Editor James Lee

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