Serendah Mini INDIE Film Festival 2015

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

This is our first ever mini independent film festival organized with the support of the GBBM, a local youth organization in the town of Serendah.

Serendah is where we filmed 3 Doors of Horrors Turn Over by Leroy Low and later Date Me Next Time Please by James Lee. We also presented Thank You for Saving Me by Tan Ce Ding.

The screening event are attend by the youth members of the group, and the film directors, casts and production members were present at the event for a sharing session, Q&A discussion with audiences.

The purpose of the event is to hold screenings or organize mini film festival out of the city area. Bringing films and independent filmmaking to people in the small towns.

The whole event was spearheaded by Edward Lim and the representative of the youth organization Andy Pah. Thanks again to all who had attended and supported the screenings.

Any inquiries or request for our screening program and festival please contact us at:

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