She 她

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Love | Drama

Directed by James Lee

Language: Mandarin

Duration: 15 min Camera: Sony A7S 2016

Adapted from the short story "She" from the book "Bitter" by Bissme S. The short film tells the story of an forbidden incestuous love affair from two point of views of the husband and the wife. As they continue to not confront the affair it slowly spiral out of control. 

Director's Statement

Love is complicated, and their relationships is extraordinarily complex, the relationship between her and him is real but has no name/label, the relationship between another her and him has name/label but it's unreal, she can give up the whole world for him, but he can't ignore the eye of others, the other her stays by his side everyday, but couldn't feel his existence, at a point another him appears, it should have draw a clean line for their relationships, but she and him has a kind of relationship that could not be separated, the other her actually knows about him and her, however the other her couldn't do anything, the relationship between the four of them is like a thousand dead nods all tangle together, what would happen in the end?

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Emily Lim

Mandy Chen

Kenny Gan

Mike Chuah

Director of Photography

J. Ishmael

Music Scoring

Nick Davis

"Deep Blue Sea" Teh Chye Ping

Art Director Yong See Yee

Make Up Kit Hew


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