She Said You Love Me 她说你爱我

Directed by James Lee

Language: Mandarin

Duration: 22 min Camera: Oneplus 3T 2017

The Smartphone Films Series 3 Three former high school best friends gather for a steamboat dinner just to catch up. As the dinner went on into the night with beers and wine thrown in things get complicated as one of them has a hidden secret that no one wants to know in their present situation. 

Director's Note

A short film inspired by the works of Korean auteur Hong Sang-soo set in a dinner scene where we examine the complex relationship dynamics between the three characters. The short was scripted but with input and improvisation from the casts to deliver a raw and realistic performance of everyday rambling of drunken & hopeless people.



Jonathan Lee

Fabian Loo

Joey Chua

Director of Photography

James Lee

Producer Kenny Gan

Audio Recordist Adrian Lai

Editor & Colorist J. Ishmael

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