Surviving Monsters

Award-winning actress Sharifah Amani tells Dennis Chua about her latest role fighting zombies in James Lee’s online movie.

WHEN a deadly virus turns your close friends and loved ones into hideous, man-eating monsters, your survival instinct gets the better of you, and saving yourself is not an option but a must.

This is what tough-as-nails heroine Farah (played by Sharifah Amani) thinks throughout her terrifying, 24-hour ordeal that forms the basis of filmmaker James Lee’s latest online movie, KL 24 Hour Zombies.

“Farah, a brilliant lawyer, is supposed to have a meal at her boyfriend Steven’s house, but before she can meet everyone, they quickly become zombies when Steven’s brother Adam is infected and starts biting the rest of the family,” says Amani.

“Fortunately, Farah has combat skills, and she finishes off the zombies with her brilliant use of swords and knives. She’s our own Buffy The Vampire Slayer, except that she slays zombies.

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