The Art of Crying 陪我流淚

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Love | Drama

Directed by James Lee

Language: Mandarin

Duration: 24 min Camera: Sony A7S + Ninja FLAME 2017


Jennifer is a professional crying initiator, she helps people who can't cry in order to express their feelings. One day she has a young female client, Faye. Jennifer seduces Faye and they embark on a relationship till Faye finds out that Jennifer has a husband and a young daughter.

Director's Statement

Loosely inspired by characters from Rainer Fassbinder's "The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant", which is also one of my favorite film. Almost did the stage production 15 years ago, and reading the play inspire me to do a short film. Fascinated by the power dynamic in the characters relationship and exploring again on the theme of how far one would go for love and can one really forget their love one. 


Kym Tan

Faye An

Kenny Gan Mike Chuah Freeman Chin

Director of Photography

J. Ishmael

Producer Kenny Gan

Make Up Kit Hew

Audio Recordist Ng Ken Kin

Editor / Colorist Ho Poh Wing

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