The Big Durian

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Directed by: Amir Muhammad

Documentary | Drama Language: English/Malay/Cantonese Duration: 75 mins 2003 On 18 October 1987, a soldier went on a murderous amok with an M-16 in Kuala Lumpur ‘s Chow Kit district. Due to circumstances peculiar to the time and place, this became the trigger for a citywide panic amid rumours of racial riots. Nine days later marked the start of an infamous Internal Security Act clampdown, “Operation Lalang.” The subsequent months also saw a certain shift in the Malaysian public’s perceptions of the police, media, judiciary, royalty and political process. The Big Durian is a fiction/documentary hybrid in which 23 Malaysians (some real, some fictitious) talk about how the chain of events affected them … or not. Ogawa Shinsuke - Special Mention prize (New Asian Current Awards) 2003 Yamagata International Film Festival, Japan While taking up a historical incident of superficially little relevance, the film reveals a deep social consciousness through a non-serious filmic style. The director uses his eccentric imagination and variety; full means of expression to reach a politically apathetic young audience.” Special Mention Award 2004 Vancouver International Film Festival - Dragons & Tigers Award For its witty and unusual handling of an incident which ultimately allows deep insights into the racial tensions in Malaysian society.” Cast Farish A. Noor Ghafir Akbar Patrick Teoh Anne James Jo Kukathas Low Ngai Yuen Namron Rashid Salleh Salleh Ben Joned Screenplay Amir Muhammad Producer James Lee Executive producers Rogayah Shahariman & Sylvia Tan Associate producer Lina Tan Director of Photography Woo Ming Jin Music Hardesh Singh
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