The Big Durian Now On YouTube

THE BIG DURIAN, the second feature by Amir Muhammad after LIPS TO LIPS. This was also my first foray into producing independent movies, working with a skeletal crew (which are still how I'm working now) which are mostly filmmakers who takes up other roles. And the casts comprise of professional actors and non-actors. Roles was made up, and so the line of reality begins to blur.

During that time of production, there was no screenplay and most of us had little idea of what the film or later documentary was about or going to look. And during editing when the picture finally forms, we were all surprise by the movie. It went on to quite a handful of festivals and picks up a couple of awards. And it remains the first and maybe only Malaysian film ever been presented in Sundance Film Festival.

So today after 10 years since it was made, we proudly present you The Big Durian on YouTube. Thank you very much to all the friends and actors who had contribute to this strange, funny hybrid documentary.

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