The Girl from Tomorrow Notes

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Finally our new short film the first for the year 2014 is release. As you can see from the picture it was a small and humble production, with a small minimal team we shot the short in 3 days on a Canon 5D MKII.

This is also my first collaboration with Joseph Germani an established YouTuber and actress Koe Yeet (the last I work with her was on a short film "DALANG" as fellow actors). Both are young and talented. Even though it was the first time working together, the entire cast have a good vibe and chemistry.

For the soundtrack I have musician Chor Guan, our second collaboration after "IF IT'S NOT NOW, THEN WHEN?" to score the short film. A very different approach from our previous work since this one have a more romantic , sweet and humorous undertone.

Overall I managed to make a film that I rarely would consider making, the original story was way much more darker and complex in tone. But to really challenge myself as a writer and director I chose to move into this vision. With the help of Cahterine Yu on the script in particular the narrations we managed to give the film and its characters a more pleasant feel and mood. And the movie I chose as a reference for the characters design was "MY SASSY GIRL" by Kwak Jae-Yong which also had a very strong time travel element in the story.

Once again Teck Zee handles the cinematography and thanks again to my regular actors, Mike Chuah, Wong Wai Hoong, KL Loh and Chai Swee Hang. And lastly the tech and production team, Hadzim Bin Othman, Mohd Firdaus, the ever efficient assistant director/art Soo Mun Thye and finally the beautiful make up Kit Hew.

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