The Hit 咖啡蛋撻子彈

Crime | Drama

Directed by James Lee

Language: Cantonese

Duration:20 min

Black and White Camera: Panasonic EVA-1 2018

Two unnamed hit men awaits for their victim at night in an empty shop lot. The job is delayed again, the younger hit man is pissed and felt the company efficiency is dropping while the older hit man disagrees. As their conversation continues the telephone rings. 

Director's Statement

The black and white short film is loosely inspired by Harold Pinter's famous stage play "The Dumb Waiter", which I had the honor to direct in 2001 under the mentor-ship of Joe Hasham and the late Krishen Jit in the Young Director's Workshop program. Has always wanted to adapt or do something similar on film, and briefly explored the set-up and theme in my experimental gangster movie "Ah Beng Returns" in 2001. Due to the situation of our present day, I felt it's the right time to make a short film to reflect my thoughts, and yet again the timeless play came into my mind and inspire me to write "The Hit" casting the talented musician and actor Nick Davis and myself in the roles of the hit men. 

The underline message and theme of the short film represent the demand for changes in a system by the younger generation, but in truth they may not be ready or really want changes, when they are not willing to do the dirty work themselves and expect someone else to do it for them.


Nick Davis

James  Lee

Kym Tan

Chin Wen Xuan


James Lee

Producer Kenny Gan

Director of Photography

Tan Teck Zee

Editor / Colorist Roman Ho

Sound Mix / ADR / Foley

Nick Davis

Production Manager

Kym Tan

Audio Recordist

Ng Ken Kin

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