The Importance of Indie Storytelling

Recently I was invited as a speaker to the Digi Empower Societies event which is for their staff. The nature of the talk is to share our ideas, passion and process in what we love doing and believe.

The other speakers range from entrepreneurs, young musician to film festival organizer we still do have a lot of passionate talents in the country.

The title of my session is "The Importance of Indie Storytelling", instead of just filmmaking I was trying to promote the idea of storytelling from the grassroots and audiences with various medium rather than just to limit it to film-making.

As a filmmaker I would have die defending filmmaking as the ultimate form of storytelling, but if that's 10 years ago.

But today thanks to the internet it's a very different story. I think the most important thing is to get more people to tell stories, to share their ideas, to convey their message to express their feelings. And filmmaking is merely another tool & craft available to assist in story telling.

As filmmaking being democratized many user generated contents or videos start to pops up. And these new user generated videos do have a more viral factor to professionally made videos because of it's rawness and real on the spot moment captured which gives the viewer a very different experience than watching films/videos scripted and made professionally.

Eventhough my talk was about how important that individuals should go into storytelling and sharing their ideas I offer them the idea that filmmaking or video are still the most powerful medium at present, especially online.

That's why so more important that the grassroot users, audiences should make films/videos instead of just consuming them mindlessly and passively.

Because I believe when they are involve even as a hobby, they'll learn not only to tell stories with moving images but also maybe in the process they'll learn the craft of filmmaking and eventually will appreciate films & movies differently.

And once they have grasp and loved film/video making then as an individual they have more options & choices not only consuming what they want but also the abilities to tell their own stories in this crowded world.

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