The Internet Needs Bigger & Better Ideas

Client: DiGi Agency: Naga DBB Directed by: James Lee Post Production: The Attic Post 2015


This is a promo video for the DiGi WWWOW Awards 2015, where we feature the previous winners which comprise of online entrepeuners and social activists. Last year Doghouse 73 Pictures won the award for the Best Content category for our effort to produce great Malaysian made indie short films on the digital platforms. This is the first time where I had to direct, operate the B-cam and also to be in a video. We uses interview materials from the agency and later had another interview session during location scouting to get more inspiring stories for the script. We produced the video with the creative team from Naga DBB. The video was filmed on 2 Sony A7S and edited by Ken Yap of The Attic Post with original music composition by Nick Davis.

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