The Strange Mechanic 车魂师

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Horror | Crime

Directed by Black Cat

Language: Mandarin Duration: 18 min Camera: RED Scarlett 2014 A seasoned mechanic with the ability to see lost spirit sheltering under automobile that causes vehicle to an unexplained break down. Now a possessed car has troubled Trolley for unable to fix nor return the angry spirit. He decides to investigate thoroughly. ►PHOTO GALLERY Cast Jonathan Lee Lee Cheng Jen Too Wai Shuih Azman Hassan DOP Tan Teck Zee SFX Make-up Kit Hew Producer TK Cheng Executive Producer James Lee Colorist Ken Yap (Attic Post)
VFX Jourdan Sulaimen (Studio Voxel) Music & Sound Design Jacky Yow (Monster Music Production) Poster Design Willeon Leong
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