The Zombie Flick Malaysians Have Been Waiting For!

Last night I tucked into bed, prepared to see an Indie Malaysian Zombie movie, without knowing what to expect from such a genre at all.I was pleasantly surprised.

Zombie infected everyday Malaysians like you and me.

Directed by James Lee, Gavin Yap and Shamaine Othman, KL24: Zombies features in its beginning, a disgruntled KL road user who has to call his girlfriend and tell her that he’ll be late because of the jam.

Typically our everyday scenario, but the idea of a zombie outbreak in Malaysia seems surreal. If that happens, how exactly do we continue to get our late night mamak? For that reason itself and many similar others, Malaysia simply has no room for a zombie outbreak.

Cue in a Malaysian parent who is slightly negative about the idea of their child dating someone who isn’t of the same race – of course.

Read the full review on Eksentrika

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