Things We Do When We Fall in Love 当我们同在一起

Drama | Road Movie Language: Mandarin Directed by: James Lee Duration: 89 min Camera: Panasonic DVX102A 2007 The movie follows two unfortunate secret lovers who are constantly looking for a solution to their situation. Both of them are always arguing over their relationship. One day they went to a trip out of the city, into the outskirt. They hope they can solve their problems or at least escape them temporarily. They don’t have a solution, and they don’t understand why they are together. One thing that keeps them together is their love and care for each other. This is the second part of James Lee’s Love Trilogy which takes another look at unfaithfulness or rather faithlessness. PHOTO GALLERY

Cast Loh Bok Lau Amy Len Story & screenplay James Lee Producer Charlotte Lim DOP Teoh Gay Hian Editor J. Ishmael Executive Producers James Lee Tan Chui Mui

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