Two Sisters peels back the curtain on siblinghood horror

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Some things never leave you. A secret. A sister. A shattered childhood.

These conjure the goosebumps when watching Two Sisters. The Malaysian indie feature roots its fear factor in psychology rather than cheap jump scares, thus levitating above the corny plane of existence that many local scare films insist on haunting.

Best known for his award-winning film The Beautiful Washing Machine, director James Lee takes time – though some would say too much time – to develop the character and relationship of the titular siblings before things go bump in the night.

The nuanced interaction between them would anchor a film that has little room for spectacles. Shot on a meagre budget of MYR260,000 (US$62,862), Two Sisters fulfills what its indie production company, Kuman Pictures, set out to do – low-budget horror and thriller flicks.

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